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iMac Review

imac review

Well, we cannot say nothing but good things about the apple iMac.  This computer is one of the best on the market today even though it has a few things we don’t like.

But over all it’s a great machine and will make anyone happy and that means, even windows users.

Our Overall Use and Opinion

Apple iMac 27 with Retina 5K 3.2GHz MK462LL/A + AppleCare Bundle
When we reviewed our apple iMac we were total widows users and were not too sure how things would go even though we just too the plunge and spent almost $2,000 us dollars.

But we did find it was money well spent.  However, one complaint was we were not as intuitive with the mac as we are with windows but none the less the mac is awesome.

It may take a little time to get used to but it can be a lot of fun for you and your family and it can also be a computer where you get a ton of productivity from.

What We Thought About The Hardware

We honestly really like the mac hardware.  One of the first things we noticed was the sound was awesome and something we have not gotten out of any Pc’s we have used.  On top of that the intel i5 processor works like a bomb and is awesome.

One thing we do recommend is making sure you iMac is fitted with enough memory like around 16 gigs would be good.  The machine we bought only had 8 gigs and we sure wish we would of had more.  However, not that the machine was weak or anything but, we are power users and it just would of made the whole experience much smoother.

But, other than the memory, this was one of the best computers we have owned hardware-wise hands down.

The Operating System, What We Thought

Ok so, being a windows user we’ll have to admit it.  Using a mac can be nice but it can also be very frustrating if you are used to windows.  First of all a mac is kind of backwards with mouse clicking and different than windows.

But, this didn’t stop us all together.  We still love the operating system but it will just take sometime to get used to is all.

The Picture Quality

We also cannot say enough things about the good quality picture you will get when you buy a mac.  This is no joke but even if you do not get the retina display the iMac picture quality is awesome.

And if you do decide to get the retina display than, all the better.


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