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Hard Drive Reviews

Welcome to hdDoctor.net

We show your where to go for all your hard drive data recovery options.  The world of hard drives has changed and also stayed the same on some levels.

Old hard drives are still in many computers because they are so much cheaper to produce and sell.  New solid state drives are much faster but are still beyond many’s reach because of pricing.

hard drive data recoveryHard drive data recovery is something most every computer user needs at one time or another.  Being in the IT field and dealing with many data recovery scenarios, I’m going to try and point you to the best option for your situation.

Different Situations & Different People Need Data Recovery

There are all kinds of reasons someone might need data recovery from their hard drive.  And then their are people and situations for this also.  A corporate company needing a server drive recovered is way different than a grandma who needs a file restored because she lost a letter to her grandchildren.

So what a corporations needs may cost $10,000 and what a simple computer user may need could only cost $40 or it could even be done by free software.

Phones and devices are not Immune either

Todays phones are like mini computers where people store and share data.  These devices such as iPhones all have ways to recover data.  But the best thing is being proactive when data backup.  Doing this will eliminate 99% of data recovery problems.

iPhone Mend is once such place where you can go to get your iPhone data recovered.

Oasis will help keep everything clean.

Backup Backup Backup

hard drive backupThis is the one thing I always preach and most of the time I find people are lazy, too lazy to either spend a few bucks or to even take the time to make sure their computer, phone or whatever is backed up.  And the truth is, it’s very simple to back up a computer.  I mean in today’s world their are all kinds of options and cloud backup is so easy for anyone if you are willing to spend a few dollars.

In this blog I will talk about hard drive data recovery and how to back things up on your computer and or phone.  Please take the time to read my articles about backups.  It’s actually very simple and I have been there.  In 2006 I lost all sorts of photos of my son from when he was a baby to about 6 years old.  And let me tell you that hurt.  So take the time to learn about backing up your data.  It will save years of frustration down the line and many tears and heartache.